Agenda 2018


January – March 6th

Residency in Barcelona (ESP) for research script writing motion picture "Some Men Must Die"


February 19 – march 4th

Research / creation for group piece „Truly Yours“
(2nd year’s and newest edition, directed by Thomas Mettler)


Feb 24th and March 2nd

„Truly Yours“
Showing at Centre Civic Barceloneta / Barcelona (ESP), with Jordi Cortés (ESP), Oleksi Busko (Ukr), Thomas Mettler (CH), Gabriel Obergfell (CH), Fernando Sanchez Santos (ESP), Jaume Girbau Baquero (ESP), Inigo Martinez (ESP), Lorenzo Massa (I), Miguel Anchel Puy Carrion (ESP), Antonio Moreno (ESP), Xavier Duacastilla Soler (ESP)


February – March

"Gratis - but not valueless"
Free Inclusive Physical Theatre workshop/classes for dancers/ actors from and around Asociacion Liant La Troca with the theme „Mi Danza es tan unica como mi cuerpo“


March 23th – 25th

„Grounding of a flight“
Tanz Improvisation and CI-Weekend-Workshop in Fürth / D
Kontakt: Anne Devries - 0173 6269 529 -

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April 20th / 23th

„Solo in Parts“
Double bill evening at ZELYONKA Festival,
Kiev / Ukraine


April 23rd – May 9th

„Some Men Must Die“ - A motion picture by Thomas Mettler
In Kiev: Location scouting, audition, text work with Ukrainian Poet


May 5th and 6th

Audition for dancers and actors in Kiev / Ukraine for movie “Some Men Must Die“
Details and further information following.
Apply to: Olga Kebas, Kiev - phone: +380 (067)597 75 50 -

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May 10th – 21st

“Some Men Must Die“ - stage play
in Dnepr / Ukraine for DanceFestival „Performative Dnipro Platform 2018“
Further information: Motion Mode Dance Theatre
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May 19th

"Gratis - but not valueless"
for actors / dancers from cast of „Some Men Must Die“ in Dnepr / Ukraine
Further information: Motion Mode Dance Theatre


June 25th – 30th

"Towards a Physical Theatre: Workshop for Dancers and Actors"
6-days Intensive Workshop
La Fabbrica, Losone / Switzerland. Location: LA FABBRICA
Further information: Infos: +41 76 415 27 38 (mob),

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July 6th – 8th

6th international "3-days-Jam of Contact-Improvisation"
in Ticino / CH

co-organised and led by Thomas Mettler ans Giuseppe Asaro
Further information: Website CI Ticino

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July 23rd – Sept 13th

Film-shooting „Some Men Must Die“
at locations in Ukraine


November 9th - 11th or
November 16th - 18th

"The Fluid Body"
Tanz Improvisation and CI-Weekend-Workshop in Fürth / D
Kontakt: Anne Devries - 0173 6269 529 -


December 3rd - 7th

Teaching at "Kari.Tanzhaus Kempten"
Further information on Website Kari.Dance
closed Intensive-Workshop for 1st and 2nd-year students