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Some Men Must Die - Motion Picture

"Some Men Must Die" is a feature-length dance film partly based on the physical theatre production of the same name from 2015 by Swiss theatre director Thomas Mettler. The film's theme is the Ukrainian war, which stands exemplary for military conflicts all over the world.

The great challenge in the development of the stage play "Some Men Must Die", which premiered at the GOGOL-Fest 2015 in Kiev, was from the very beginning on the transposition of acts and effects of war into contemporary dance and Physical Theatre. This artistic work, together with the found forms of expression, is central in the film, which is to be premiered in cinemas in 2020.

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t r a n s i t i o

Thomas Mettler is currently working on a new solo in collaboration/ with three sculptures from Swiss artist Pascal Murer. Together with the two musicians from Prag, Irena and Voijtech Havlovi, the music score for the evening length piece was finished in March 2015 during a 1-month-Residency in Switzerland. This score is also used in a short film which was shot in September 2016.

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Some Men Must Die - Stage Play

"Some Men Must Die" is a piece of Physical Theatre where dancers and actors from Switzerland and England meet with dancers and actors from Ukraine to share their questions about the role of "men" and how it comes that some men die and others live...

With dark humour and physical openness they dance scenes from the archaic shout of an archetype man to the last breath of a dying one - searching answers on questions like:

What is a real man?
What men deserve to die?
What is a good reason to die for?
Does one die when love dies?
How to live facing death?
How many times must a man die to become a man?
Can you laugh at death?
How ridiculous can a man be?

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Coming Together

A Performance led by Thomas Mettler (Switzerland) and organized by Tamara Maksimenko (MMDT / Dnepr). The premiere took place on 2nd November 2017 in Dnepr, Ukraine, in the museum “Literary Pridniprovye” where professional dancers, actors, performers, cultural figures from all over Ukraine took part. Live music accompanied by: violins, Stanislav Drozdov and vocals (folk singing), Natalia Khomenko (Kiev).

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Truly yours

"Truly Yours" is the title of Thomas Mettler's new full-length dance and physical theatre project. For this international production Mettler (CH) gathered in Barcelona and around his dear old friend and collaborator Jordi Cortés (ESP) an international group of dancers mixed with actors.

After an original idea and led by Thomas Mettler, the new Improvisation Collective sets together out on an intensive journey with various research meetings over several years to perform together 'A night of Improv'. For the ensemble work of "Truly Yours", Thomas Mettler and Jordi Cortés have brought together an international male cast of outstanding performers, dancers and actors, from Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Ukraine.

Together the group sallies out on international residencies and research/ rehearsals periods in which the dancers not only work but also live together and share between each other their personal background & life-stories for their physical theatre commitment on stage.