I’m teaching for more than 30 years now – which means that I was verry soon involved in the teaching process. Directly after my 3 years of studies at the school of Marcel Marceau, when its acting-teacher Edmond Tamiz (art dramatique) offered me to teach at his own new founded school „l’acteur 2000“ as a main-teacher (l’expression corporel d’un acteur d’aujourd’hui).

4 years I worked fulltime at professional acting or dance schools in London and Paris. Far over 140 intensive-workshops brought me to Columbia, France, England, Italy, Germany, USA, India, Greece, Portugal, Finland, Israel, Palestine, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic and Switzerland. This offered me moments of searching with many thousand students of different Universities, professional and amateur dance and theater schools. My journey led me to many wonderful experiences as for e.g. masterclasses at the Festival „Cultural Capital of Europe 97 – Thessaloniki“ beside other teachers like Peter Brook and Sotiqui Kouyaté. Furthermore I was invited to prestigious venues and organisations like a.o. the "Gulbenkian Foundation – Lisboa", "The Drama School of the National Theatre of Northern Greece", the "Scuola universitaria professionale Scuola Teatro Dimitri" and the "Hochschule der Künste Zürich, Departement Tanz (ZHDK)".


My teaching has a large scale and is divided in 3 fields:



for actors and dancers / mixed



Clown and Mime workshop



With the following, over many
years developped themes:

"Grounding of a flight" – origins of fluid movement in partnerwork

"Riding the wave" – Essentials of fluid partnering in Contact Improvisation

"UNdoing" – Contact Improvisation with focus on fascia/ connective tissue

"The Fluid Body" – Contact Improvisation

"Use of Hands in CI“ – Contact Improvisation

"Beginning from Nowhere – Where Everything Is Already There" - Improvisation/ Performance for dancers and actors

"Falling Safely / Sliding Down / Melting In / Dissolving Through" – Contact Improvisation

"Together - Alone - Myself - and Us" – Workshop for Contemporary Dance Improvisation & Contact Improvisation

"In the middle of the moment" – Dance-Improvisation / Performance (for dancers and actors)

"My dance is as unique as my body" – Dance-Improvisation in Integrative Dance (for dancers and actors)