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"Gratis - but not valueless"


“The continuous search and the feeling of never having arrived at a so-called ‘end’ made me feel that the path, the journey, was more interesting than the arrival or the final destination; the ‘searching for’ rather than the actual ‘doing’ or even the end result.”

  Present Projects  
  Solo Thomas Mettler

transitio - Solo by Thomas Mettler

Thomas Mettler is currently working on a new solo in collaboration/ with three sculptures from Swiss artist Pascal Murer. Together with the two musicians from Prag, Irena and Voijtech Havlovi, the music score for the evening length piece was finished in March 2015 during a 1-month-Residency in Switzerland. This score is also used in a film which was shot in September 2016.


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Gogolfest Thomas Mettler




Some Men Must Die - after an original idea / directed by: Thomas Mettler

"Some Men Must Die" is a piece of Physical Theatre where dancers & actors from Switzerland and England meet with dancers & actors from Ukraine to share their questions about the role of "men" and how it comes that some men die and others live...

With dark humour and physical openness they dance scenes from the archaic shout of an archetype man to the last breath of a dying one - searching answers on questions like:

What is a real man?
Which men deserve to die?

What is a good reason to die for?

Does one die when love dies?

How to live facing death?

How many times must a man die to become a man?

Can you laugh at death?

How ridiculous can a man be?

Premiere at the Gogol Festival in Kiev: See
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Tanzfilm 'Autumn Leaves'


Ein Flüchtiger, ein Baum, ein Schicksal - Der Film 'autumn leaves'.


Im Sommer und Herbst 2011 wurde im Centovalli (CH) und dem Valle Vigezzo (I) der Tanzfilm (42 Min.) 'Autumn Leaves'  nach der Idee und Choreographie von Thomas Mettler gedreht.  "EIngebettet in die Abfolge von Frühling - Sommer - Herbst schliesst sich der Kreis um Tat, Bedauern und Versöhnung in eindrucksvollen  Solo- und Duett-Tanzszenen." (hd)


Regie: Thomas Mettler

Kamera: Uwe Stern

Tanz: Thomas Mettler, Dan Watson

Schauspiel: Sara Bocchini

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Duett with Astad Deboo


I am filled with joy and actually also proud, that during summer 2009 I received visit from India’s greatest artist in contemporary dance: Astad Deboo!


I encountered Astad’s faboulos work during our «Mann Tanzt» -Tournee to India and at the «Attakkalari BANGALORE BIENNIAL 2004», where he showed «Footprints» – an evening of Dance with Astad Deboo – and work from the past 4 decades until today. I simply was mesmerized by the work of an incredible and truly unique dance-artist who has created for such a long time masterpiece after masterpiece!


I feel very honoured and privileged that Astad came to Switzerland for a 2 weeks residency to work with me in this first research-period for our new duett / creation which will be a work-in-progress during the next years and will travel to India as well through Switzerland.


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present project 5men

5 Men Dancing – a night of Improv


5 Men dancing arose from an original idea by Thomas Mettler, when he was artistic director of « Werkstatt» in Bern. Mettler was interested in performers and makers experienced in dance, theatre, voice and movement and, having invited numerous artists from around the world to teach in Switzerland, it was his long held dream to bring some of these people to work together. So he invited the original members of 5 Men Dancing, amongst them Jordi Cortés Molina, Rick Nodine and Adam Benjamin, and in 2004 they embarked on a period of research in Bern at and in London at The Place. From this emerged the principle that formed the basis of their performance work.


Every night is unique and new. A night of dance created expressly out of the synergy of events, ideas, accidents and occurrences of this particular evening. With a fierce commitment to pure improvisation without script or structure.


5 Men are wild, edgy and humorous and herald an openness to emotional risk rarely seen on the stage.

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